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LawFabric –Your legal data website prototype – for free!

-powered by Tally42.

Many of our valued clients and followers are likely aware of our recent collaboration with legal software developer Sean Stanley of Tally42. Through this partnership, we've introduced 'LawFabric'—an exclusive offering developed in conjunction with Sean specifically for the #LegalTech market.


LawFabric is a SaaS web application developed with the Tally42 platform and stands as the premier solution for showcasing the value of a data fabric application for the Legal vertical, providing an AI-powered web stage that consolidates information on matters, documents, people, and financials all in one place, at a highly competitive monthly subscription equivalent to the average rate for 12 minutes.


With features that outshine competitors, LawFabric operates as a self-contained intranet and extranet solution, free from dependencies on third-party tools like SharePoint. Features include:

· Intranet/ Extranet Portal

· Write back actions to source systems.

· Social Media like Discussion Groups

· Conflicts Module

· Client Onboarding Module

· Data Conversion module

· Duplicate data tidy up module.

· CRM & Critical Dates Prototypes


The Tally42 platform boasts a user-friendly development environment conducive to swift application creation and is industry agnostic. By streamlining workflows and minimising redundant code, it enables users to design a diverse range of software solutions effortlessly.


We invite you to take a few minutes to watch our video presentations. We're pleased to offer a complimentary proof of concept installation against your systems, coupled with personalised training sessions utilising your own data, all within a couple of hours.


For further details, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Videos: Please click here.


Check out Mojo , a self-help employee motivational platform for the cost of a coffee and a do-nut each month that helps firm's understand what makes people tick, and allows people to be seen as human beings rather than human resources. It can help with everyone's well-being in these days of stress induced mental health  issues.


For an alternative to Concur or Chrome River, we are working with  Yooz  , to bring their Purchase to Pay and Employee Expenses automation into the Legal Vertical

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