WHO ARE IT Finance Services

Having worked together in a client vendor relationship at Rouse (Amir) and Tiket (David) a friendship developed leading to Amir joining David to create IT Finance Services in February 2014. Since the union of David and Amir in IT Finance Service, the company has gone from strength to strength, boasting clients all over the globe. IT Finance Services has over 45 years’ experience in the Legal Systems sector.


The team at ITFS have worked together and individually on many projects in the Finance and IT departments of many law firms from cradle to grave. Most importantly they understand the needs of your firm and can provide insight into issues that may arise during a project cycle that inexperience may overlook.


The ongoing strength of IT Finance Services through the years provides the security and safety every firm desires when implementing projects that are critical to their everyday business.

IT Finance Services provides technology and strategic consulting services to law firms, corporate legal departments and other professional services firms. We can help you analyse, plan, implement and manage business and technology solutions to optimise your organisation’s functionality and processes. We are an interdisciplinary team of process specialists, project managers, systems engineers and training experts who focus exclusively on meeting your business and technological needs.
Due to our diverse background and varied experience, we are sensitive to the unique issues and challenges facing the
legal industry. We ask the right questions to understand your business processes and objectives. This allows us to offer you solutions that are tailored to meet your business and technological objectives, whilst enabling your professional staff and their support team to function at an optimal level.