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Introducing QPR ProcessAnalyzer to the Legal Vertical

Powerful Law Firm Process Analysis, Matter Budgeting and Planning

QPR ProcessAnalyzer is a software tool that automatically generates a process flow view of a firm’s matter activities. This helps drive process excellence across the firm, by providing valuable insight into how the firm executes the process of law. ProcessAnalyzer can deliver real value across many areas of the firm’s activities, including:

  • Litigation - review all phase and task activities, slicing by matter type / practice group and comparing each Partner’s approach to any given matter, producing high level KPi’s such as duration (including bottlenecks), associated costs and fees etc.

  • Client and court reporting - using the application to provide complete visibility on a single matter to graphically report on progress, comparisons against budget etc. when discussing the case with the client or approaching the court for additional budget approval.

  • Process excellence and best practice - by visualising and benchmarking a partner’s individual approach, we are able to highlight specific focus areas, such as:

  • process steps that could be improved, in line with the firm’s best practice model.

  • identifying areas of best practice delivered by a partner that can be rolled out and utilised more widely across the firm.

  • Matter planning - expose the cost of previous matter phases to aid in the quotation on new work and plan that work more efficiently.

  • Finance process improvement – analyse the firm’s financial processes, such as Order to Cash and Purchase to Pay. Many organisations have seen significant improvements in areas such as cash flow as a result of using ProcessAnalyzer.

  • IT Services – visualise the firm’s IT service provision. Organisation’s have been able to free up valuable IT resources by reducing bottlenecks and efficiently managing how their IT service requests are handled and delivered.

Please review this video and find out more on the website.

“I’ve been really impressed with the ease of use and the immediate insights ProcessAnalyzer offers via it’s intuitive user interface that flowcharts processes and highlights what influences the process”

- David Gallagher, CEO – ITFS

Alan Neal of Corporate Insight added “Process Excellence is a discipline that has been adopted across virtually every industry. We believe that by using ProcessAnalyzer, forward thinking law firms will be able to drive process improvement and deliver best practice across many parts of their organisation, resulting in benefits such as; greater efficiencies, service delivery improvements and increased client satisfaction. However, these things cannot be delivered by the tool alone, we also need people who understand the unique complexities that exist within law firms and to be able to interpret the process outputs, in the context of each individual firm. This is why we are really excited to be working with the leading law firm consultancy, IT Finance Services”

About Corporate Insight

Corporate Insight provide process and performance management software solutions and associated consultancy. We work closely with associate partners in specific vertical markets, as we recognize that for a client to enjoy the full benefits of world class software, it should be used in conjunction with highly skilled and experienced consultants, who truly understand their specific vertical market.